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 Brockley, Ladywell, Lewisham, South East London

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Meditations For Frontline Workers is a free online resource all those wonderful people saving lives, looking after our loved ones and keeping the country going - NHS, doctors, nurses, ambulance crew, cleaners, care workers, bus drivers, postmen and women, those in the food industry... you are simply too numerous to mention you all.


We love you. THANK YOU!


Here you will find on various platforms a collection of meditations. Most will be 3-10 minutes long so that whenver you have a moment during a busy shift, you can use that time to refresh yourself, let go of some tension and feel better.


Links to all the meditations (and/or news) on our dedicated website

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Soundcloud.


Audio files will be made available for download on this page as well wherever possible, in case you work somewhere with poor internet / phone connection.


Meditations For Frontline Workers is aslo supported by

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Accept Yourself
Feel Calm & Well

Accept Yourself may occassionally bring up strong emotions. If this happens to you please take care (be kind to yourself, reach out to someone your trust and/or when it is safe to do so set time aside to revisit and let go.)

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