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Meditation & Self Transformation  Brockley, Ladywell, Lewisham, South East London

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CityZen Meditation Studio

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Mindfulness means being fully present now.  It means doing one thing at a time with our full attention (even if that one thing is sitting still).  What does ‘full attention’ mean?  It means with the same intensity of purpose as if our lives depended on it.   This may not sound much, but actually it’s everything .  So much of the time we are scattered between worrying about the future, ruminating over the past or drifting off in fantasy… and we’re missing out on what’s happening now.  


Mindfulness involves really paying attention to ordinary everyday experience in an open and inquiring way.  This gentle, investigative and accepting mindset naturally unravels and dissolves the mental and emotional knots that we are prone to tie ourselves in, and can change our very relationship to thoughts, feelings and experience.  It is a fantastic vehicle for acceptance, compassion, self care and awareness, for overcoming hurts, managing pain and stress, staying healthy, mastering compulsions, dropping neuroses, freeing  creativity and living in the present moment.


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Why is the here and now so important?


It’s the only place we can experience anything.  It’s the only place we are actually in.  Even if we are thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, our thoughts and our feelings are happening today.  That means every pleasure, every pain, every contentment, every anxiety, every idea, every anything… happens now.  It’s the only time there is (for us).  When we aren’t focused in the present moment, we miss out.  If it’s something ‘good’, we miss out on enjoying.  If it’s something ‘bad’ by avoiding the full experience we move into reacting.  When we react (rather than act) we do so from a limited repertoire of choices and often habituate to patterns of behaviour which are not in our long term interest (smoking, drinking, overworking, comfort eating, avoiding sorting out difficulties…).  When we are scattered  (not present) we have less resources and we are less in touch with our reality.  This means we don’t perform as well, we don’t know ourselves as well and we don’t make as skilful decisions.

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Mindfulness                     The here and now                      Benefits of                     Training Courses

Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness                     The here and now                      Benefits of                     Training Courses


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